Parenting Workshops

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A family-centred program for Canadian newcomers in West Toronto that equips parents to prevent and manage damaging behaviours in their teens, especially boys ages 12-19, by building on the strengths and interconnectedness of the women’s own immigrant , newcomers, and low income families in the communities.

This collaborative program empowers immigrant mothers and other caregivers to overcome the often overwhelming fear and profound sense of powerlessness they express as they watch their teens get involved in drugs, alcohol and related high-risk behaviours.


This workshop builds on the resilience and strengths within the targeted immigrant communities by building peer-to-peer support networks for parents and their teens. A primary goal of this initiative is to help women and their teens develop leadership skills, learn how to access services available to them, work with existing community agencies to adapt such services (when required) and, in turn, support newer immigrants that will enter into the communities over time.


Violence Against Women Information Sessions

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The ‘Violence Against Women Information Sessions’ will increase awareness about common experiences women face and resources available to women who are in abusive situations.

The topics will include: various forms of violence, identifying signs of violence, cultural sensitive issues, stereotypes, and assisting participants in developing safety plans.


Health & Stress Management

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These workshops focus on improving women’s abilities to cope with difficult and varying circumstances, which leads to improved wellbeing. The topics covered in these workshops are as follows:

  • Effects of Stress on the body
  • Self-esteem
  • How to take care of your body
  • Healthy ways of getting rid of stress
  • Ways to relax
  • Understanding your moods and feelings
  • Depression and Anxiety

Nutrition Workshops

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Somali Women and Children’s Support Network delivers nutrition education workshops to mothers and caregivers. This program is planned based on nutrition standards and offers a variety of healthy food suggestions that are suitable to the unique cultural needs of each family. We help mothers and caregivers plan meals that rich in vitamins and nutrients, including: milk and milk products, fruit and vegetables, meats and alternates and grain products. We also include nutrition related activities. Our facilitators are trained in safe food handling, food safety and nutrition.

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